Fresh Spring Rolls (4 per serving) – Crunchy spring rolls served with a sweet dipping sauce Chicken 400
Prawn 450
Vegetable 350
Classic Steamed of Pan-fried Dumplings (8 per serving) – A hearty and flavourful snack with your choice of filling Chicken 450
Egg 400
Pork 500
Deep Fried Crispy Wontons (4 per serving) – Sumptuous dumplings that are fried to give you that extra crunch Chicken 500
Prawn 550
Vegetable 450
Crispy Chicken wings served with Hoisin Sauce – Succulent chicken wings fried to perfection with just the right amount of chinese spices. 450
Prawn Balls (4 per serving) – Savoury balls formed with prawn meat and prepared with Chinese ingredients. 900


Each Shandong soup is packed with nutritional goodness and boiled to coax out every taste and bring it to perfection
All soups are portioned for 3-4 pax

Sweet Corn Soup Chicken & Egg 650
Crab & Egg 700
Vegetable 400
Hot and Spicy Seafood (Tom Yum)  Sea Food 700
Vegetable 450
Wonton Soup – Flavourful clear broth comprising delicious wontons Chicken 600
Vegetable 550
Noodle Soup (Chicken/Vegetable) 600
Vermicelli Soup (Chicken/Vegetable) 850


Bean Sprout Salad 450
Mixed Crunchy Salad 450
White Mushroom Stirfry 500

Wholesome Veggies and Tofu

Stir fried Garlic Kan-Kun 250
Stir fried Garlic Spinach 350
Sizzling Chilli Bean Curd – Beautifully fried Tofu served on a sizzling plate to ensure freshness and exquisite taste. 550
Chinese Eggplant with spicy garlic sauce – Fried eggplant served with a secret Shandong sauce 400
Mixed Vegetable Chop Suey 450
Mixed Vegetables with deep fried Tofu 550
Stir Fried Pak Choy – This appetizing dish with just a hint of garlic tastes fresh and crunchyand is a great healthy alternative 450
Mushrooms Braised Three Kind 650
Hot Butter 500
Spicy 500
Mock Duck in Kung Pao Sauce 750
Green Beans In Gralic Sauce 550
Shredded Potateos with Red Chilles 450
Kankun with Cashew Nuts 400
Spicy Bean Curd   550
Crispy Cabbage   300

Chinese Style Omlette (Foo Yung Hai)

A delectable Chinese omlette cooked with poultry, crab or vegetables

Chicken 550
Crab – Chinese style omlette cooked with our very own succulent and fresh Sri Lankan crab 600
Vegetable 450
Bittergourd 450
Prawn 600

Chinese Chicken Dishes

Sweet and Sour Chicken – Batter fried chicken served with classic sweet and sour sauce 800
Chicken in Oyster Sauce 750
Kung Pao Spicy Chicken – Spicy stir-fry dish made with chicken, peanuts, vegetables, and chili peppers 750
Sizzling Chicken with Black Bean Sauce – Chicken made with hot smoky flavours served on a sizzling cast iron plate 750
Lemon Chicken – Chinese style fillet fried with sweet and tangy lemon sauce 750
Chilli Chicken with nuts- Succulent chunks of chicken served with onions, dry red chilli, carrots and lime 800
Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce- Spicy chicken stir-fry, with a wonderfully tasty garlic overlay 750
Diced Chicken with Nuts – Served in light sauce with diced carrots, onions and fresh garlic and cashew nuts 750
Manchurian Chicken – Cut and fried chicken breast served with spicy gravy tomato, onion, coriander and lime 750
Spicy Chicken (Devilled) 750
Roasted Chicken 900
Pepper Chicken 900
Chicken in Mushroom Sauce 900
Dry Red Chilli Chicken 800

Beef Delicacies

Szechuan Spicy Beef 750
Spicy Beef (Devilled) 750
Sizzling Beef in Black Bean Sauce 750
Beef with Kan-Kun – Fresh kan-kun stir fried with beef fillet and garlic 650
Chef’s special (Sliced beef with Spring Onion and Ginger) – Tasty slivers of beef served with fresh sliced spring onion, ginger and oyster sauce 750
Dry Red Chilli Beef 750
Pepper Beef 750


Sweet & Sour Pork 680
Spicy Pork (Devilled) 700
Roast Belly Pork served with sauce – A delicious treat of Chinese style tender pork served in thick soy and oyster sauce 850
Pork ribs in spicy sauce – Slow cooked tantalizing pork ribs served in a savoury sauce 750
Pork with mushrooms and bamboo shoots – Fragrant and spicy bamboo shoot stir-fry is flavored with pork and tasty Chinese ingredients. 800
Lean Pork with Nuts – Succulent pieces of pork served in a tropical sauce mixed with cashew nuts 750
Dry Red Chilli Pork 800
Sizzling Pork In Black Bean Sauce 750
Pepper Pork 750

Seafood Passion


Enjoy our fresh catch from the coasts of Sri Lanka made with traditional Chinese cooking styles
Served with black bean / sweet chilli sauce

Sweet & Sour Fish 850
Spicy Fish (Devilled) 850
Spicy Fish fillet with Spring Onion & Ginger 850
Hot Garlic Fish 850
Dry Red Chilli Fish Steamed 850
Thai Chilli Fish 850
Singapore Chilli Fish 900
Bread Crumbed Fried Fish 850
Steamed (Garoupa Whole FFish Per 100g) 270
Deep Fried (Garoupa Whole FFish Per 100g) 270


Try these mouthwatering prawn options made with very distinct styles and flavours

Sweet & Sour 900
Chilli Prawns (Devilled) 950
Hot Butter 950
Kung Pao 950
Braised Prawns with Celery 900
Prawns in Garlic Sauce 900
Prawns in Hot Garlic Sauce 900
Thal Chilli Prawns 900
Indonesian Style Prawns 950
Singapore Chilli Prawns 950


Ignite your palate with our special cuttlefish dishes that are assured to make you keepcoming back for more

Hot Butter 990
Spicy 850
Salad 800
Sizzling 800
Hot Garlic 800


Rich and decadent, crab is served in Shandong style to satisfy your taste buds

Steamed (100g) 270
Chilli Crab (100g) 270
Pepper Crab (100g) 270


Jasmine Steamed Rice 320
Fried Rice Vegetable 480
Chicken 650
Seafood 990
Pork 650
Beef 650
Mixed 750
Nasi Goreng 800
Shandong Mount Tai Special Rice 950
Garlic Rice 550
Thai Spicy Seafood Rice Rice 990
Ginger Rice With Chicken 650

Noodles (Chow Mein)

Chinese Staple using various ingredients and different types of noodles

Boiled Noodles 260
Chinese style Fried Noodles Chicken 600
Shrimp 700
Vegetables and Egg 550
Mixed 750
Seafood 990
Vermicelli Chicken 750
Beef 750
Seafood 990
Vegetables and Egg 650
Shandong’s Mount Tai Special Chow Mein 900
Flat Noodle Seafood 990
Vegetables and Seafood 650
Chiken 700
Crispy Noodles 750

Sweet Tooth Cravings

Lychees 320
Cream Caramel 160
Chocolate Biscuit Pudding 320

Thirst Quenchers

Mineral Water 500 ml 60
Mineral Water 500ml 60
Mineral Water 1Ltr 100
Soft Drinks 400ml 120
Soft Drinks 500ml 150
Soft Drinks 750ml 180

Express Set Meals

Vegetable 330
Chicken 380
Fish 430
Pork 380
Beef 380
Egg  350
Prawns  430
Cuttlefish  540
Nasi Goreng  480
Two Meat / Seafood Itmes One Seafood Item + One Meat Item 600
Two Seafood Items(Fish + Prawns Only) 650
Two Meat Items 550
Cuttlefish + Any Meat/Seafood Item 700

Signature Noodle Box

Chicken / Pork / Beef 400
Prawns / Fish 450
Spicy Cuttlefish 500

Authentic Chinese Cuisine Chef Dong`s Special Menu


Chinese Cabbage with Tofu 700
Tomato & Egg Drop Soup 700
Three Fresh Dellcacy Soup 790
Seaweed & Egg Soup 790


Crystal Fried Rice Egg 750
Chicken 850
Seafood 990
Pork 850
Beef 850
Mixed 950
Rich Melting Bralsed Beef 800
Deep Fired Spicy Chicken 800
Szechuan Style Belly Pork 900
Deep Fried Pork Spare Ribs 890
 Sweet and Sour Pork Spare Ribs 890
Deep Fried Whole Fish with  Sweet & Sour Sauce (Per 100g) 270
Steamed Whole Fish (Per 100g) 270
Crispy Fish 950
Szechuan Style Tofu (Bean curd) 600
Canton Style Eggplant 500